9 in literature

tired emoticon

The number one reason that I have yet not built a superweapon that would let me conquer the world is the fact that instead of having any kind of ready-made parts to assemble into the tool of ultimate destruction (or ultimate construction, as the case may be) I have to pick up stray objects and fashion them into parts.

They don’t fit together very well and fall apart at every opportunity. And I don’t have the right tools. And I’ve no idea what to do when it actually fires and blows up in my hands.

What’s more annoying is that I have so little to stand on. All I have is a few ideas on sociometric network analysis and the concept of archetypal social structures, and lots of absurd, unclear evidence backed up mostly by conversation logs and intuition. This has been suggested before. But I don’t think anything as insane as what I stumble onto every other month has ever been described in mythology. You’re welcome to beat me up with a copy of Popper’s book if you prove me wrong. You can even use Berne’s books.

Seven basic plots in life and nine in literature? I think we’re walking around a 10th.

Today’s million dollar question is: Just how quickly does life begin to imitate art? Is it possible for life to start imitating art before the object of art is complete and public? And are we sure we don’t have someone specific to blame for this?