Yesterday, oh how I long for yesterday…

ominous emoticon

Yesterday. Social anthropology exam, 21 students on the list. Typical oral exam, three examiners including yours truly. A makeup exam for the makeup exam (which was described in more detail before.)

For starters, only three students show up at all. WTF? It’s their last makeup exam. They’ll have severe problems if they do not attend. Ahwell, whatever.

The first student happens to get exactly the question I flunked the girl the last time on. He was sitting there for forty minutes getting ready for the answer, with the textbook spread openly in front of him. He was sitting right there when the girl was getting chewed out for not knowing the trivial, basic things — and getting them explained! And he still could not answer the same questions I repeated word for word.

…I mean, come on. How can someone in third year of sociology not know what parts of personality did Freud single out? Forget about why, what were their names? That’s popular science stuff, not a university course!

And when I was about to start making noise officially, since this is simply unbearable, out comes a girl, who came in late, who said she only found out about this exam today and isn’t ready, and doesn’t even have her grade book with her and blam she answers perfectly and even remembers stuff like the year Cromagnon man was discovered.

This officially stopped making sense now.