Merry go round

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Does a merry-go-round usually rotate clockwise or counterclockwise?

  • The one in Sailor Moon Live Action is counterclockwise.
  • The one in Shoujo Kakumei Utena is clockwise.
  • The last real one I’ve seen seems to have been counterclockwise, but I’m not sure — that was quite a while ago.

Suppose you imagine a giant wheel, travelling forward at great speed, and yourself, travelling parallel to it, very close, almost touching the rotating side. Which side of the wheel will you be on, right or left? Why?

This has some serious connotations to the phenomenon of isotropic roleplaying space1 but I’m not yet sure what they are.

This could be vitally important.

  1. Whenever two people roleplay a scene in a text environment like a MUSH, they will almost always imagine their relative positions in space to be the same, and envision themselves looking in the same direction. This gets particularily troublesome if they roleplay something involving complex motion, because eventually two mental images become incompatible. ↩︎