Reality bill

thoughtful emoticon

Long ago, about twelve years, I picked up an idiom “someone forgot to pay the reality bill” from an obscure text. I thought it was a fairly common one, until I did a google test, only finding it in a very few locations, one of which is a piece of published fiction.

That’s a crying shame, cause at times it’s a very apt one.

It highlights the notion that reality is something that needs supporting, collectively investing resources into. If the demands of this process are not met, it dissolves into insanity and impossible things happen, making the world unpredictable.

From time to time I notice someone forgets to pay this reality bill on a citywide, national, or even global scale, and things go subtly crazy, without most people even noticing, but impacting large structural components of human culture. Usually, in the long run, it’s quite bad.

And today is one of those days.