Touka Gettan

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This anime is not well known. This anime has a reputation of being extremely hard to understand.

This anime gets a lot less respect and fans than it deserves.

It’s just that is has been deliberately aired in reverse order.

To be specific, while the production team have intended for the series to be understood in reverse order, which is evidenced by the inclusion of episode 25, there to clear up the lost points of the plot, the beginning of the plotline is actually in episode 26 and the ending is in episode 1. But understanding it in this manner requires such dogged determination, that those who weren’t fans of the original game did not bother to watch it beyond a few episodes, not understanding a thing.

Which is a crying shame.

If you can’t afford a large memory stack to file plot points away, watch it exactly backwards, starting with episode 26 and ending with 1, but skip episode 25. Watch that one once you’re done to see if you missed anything important.

If you have played the original Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, or saw and understood the anime1 and remember which side of the book the titles are on there,2 and carefully study what happens in episode 14, which is a direct Yamibou crossover, airing it in reverse order actually makes a wicked sort of sense.3 Because it’s a very, very Japanese anime…

  1. Which, unfortunately, left huge chunks of the plot on the cutting floor in adaptation from the game… ↩︎

  2. It is very common in anime to see the titles of books in foreign languages where Japanese books would have their titles — which would be the back of a real book in all European languages. Yamibou is, suprisingly, far more particular about getting it right than usual, and it took Touka Gettan for me to notice that it is. ↩︎

  3. They might not have wanted that meaning in there, but now I got it out, so it’s mine. :P ↩︎