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Large Hadron Collider is accused of posing the following dangers:

  • Creating a black hole.
  • Creating a different kind of quantum mechanical vacuum, which will result in destroying the universe.
  • Creating strange matter that is, …eh… has properties stranger than normal.
  • Sucking Earth into a parallel universe.

Most of these posit some kind of an expanding crystallisation scenario, where a tiny hole becomes bigger, a tiny speck of something strange grows, etcetera. Admittedly, the last one sounds the most interesting to me, but looks like they haven’t considered another possibility. Don’t de Broglie waves travel backwards in time anyway?

What if the accumulation of madness I see in the news every day for the past few years that grows stronger all the time is the result of an accident at LHC that hasn’t happened yet?

Sounds like a nice idea for a short story.