Frist Psot

Has nothing to do with Bill Frist but I just had to be witty after all this time.

What, you thought I was dead? You surely had a good enough reason, this year, but rumors of my death, as usual, are greatly exaggerated.

Yes, this is a state-of-the-author post, asked for by absolutely nobody.

  • I have been busy working my scary webdev job,
  • leading a number of compartmentalized double lives, which had their own platforms for daily writing,
  • getting a new callsign (R2AZE now) which resulted in a huge amount of chores and money spent on radios,
  • and reading things.

Now it’s time to import some of the interesting things I wrote in my double lives back here, and my old static site generator is, for all its flexibility, really slow.

Hugo isn’t.

Unfortunately, for its reputation of being stupid fast, it’s also not well documented, uses Golang’s rather weird templating language, and is really opinionated about some things. Getting it to do what I wanted was an adventure and a half, which took me multiple days, and will be the subject of more postings when I’m conscious again.

This adventure was in a large part undertaken to use this neat comment widget, which is the only non-static part this blog now has. The idea behind it is that the backend is as terse as it can possibly be: it appends the comment to the end of a jsonlines file. That’s all it really does. Everything else is done on the frontend. The whole thing will be the subject of its own post and maybe even a public release later on.

Stay tuned.

Or don’t.