It’s funny, but if you try to construct “The Way of the Dodo” in Japanese, in the same fashion as the Way of the Warrior (bushi-do) and the Way of the Sword (ken-do) you get dodo-do.

Which is a joke on par with The Way of Electronic Warrior (ninten-do) or maybe Sumomomomomomo and similarly silly, but closely related to what I want to say today.

You see, it started when I stumbled onto “Save the Cat”, which is a book on screenwriting just as apparently influential as it is misleading in terms of writing for other purposes…

But first things first.



Among the other things I got this holiday season was the Wolfenstein: The New Order game. It’s so nice that Steam has sales.

While it is one of the prettiest games I’ve played to date, and it is, without question, a decent game, in that the shooter gameplay is done by the book, with its own curious gimmicks, there are a few things about its plot that produce nagging fits of fridge logic that make it both more amusing than it says it is, and possibly, deeper than it was meant to be.

But let me explain this in greater detail. Spoilers follow, not like this should be a detriment.


Не телефонный разговор

Эта фраза встречается часто и в разнообразных мутациях, хотя лет десять-пятнадцать назад в русском языке была жесткой устойчивой идиомой, вероятно потому, что попала в литературу… Внимание вопрос, а что она на самом деле значит? Нет, то, что она выражает нежелание проводить некоторый разговор по телефону – самоочевидно, но связаны ли с этим нежеланием какие-то конкретные традиционные причины? Размышляя теоретически, я могу назвать следующие причины отказаться от телефонного разговора, in no particular order: